iVISTA Weather Layers

Hey All…CONGRATS, WE MADE IT TO 2021!  It’s so nice to turn the page and look toward the possibilities this upcoming year has to offer.  The end of this long tunnel is near my friends.  That aside, I do hope you all had a very happy, relaxing, and healthy holiday season.  It’s now time to get back to business and what better way to do so than to launch a new year with new Genesis stuff!

First Rule of 2021: Never Talk About 2020.In the spirit of providing “information” to help Radio System Managers manage and quickly react to impacts on system performance, with our latest 2.17 release, we have added a new (self-described) “weather and more” layer from AerisWeather to both the GenWatch3® and GW3-TRBO® iVISTA browser delivered software.

The AerisWeather Mapping Platform allows GenWatch and GW3-TRBO users the ability to now view Weather Radar, active Wildfires, Wind Gusts, Hurricanes with Forecast Cones, and Road Conditions, to name a small few, while they are monitoring their radio traffic.

Here are a couple of likely scenarios where this feature could come in handy:

  • With the Weather Radar Layer enabled, you see that a large storm is headed directly for one of your site towers.  Perhaps this prompts you to check on that site to make sure it is safe and sound from any potential damage Mother Nature may have in store for it.  Maybe you even give a “heads up” to those operating on the system that they may expect some service disruptions and, if so, should revert to “Plan B” in the event of an emergency.
  • After the storm hits, you might then turn on the Road Conditions Layer to help you decide whether or not you will be able to get to that or any of your affected towers. Could this information possibly help you prioritize what task to focus on first given the current circumstances?  Especially if there is flooding or snow blocking your literal and figurative path to progress.

iVISTA Custom LayersPretty cool, huh?  What’s more, getting the layers installed and in use is super easy and straightforward.  First, the list of available layers is located on the left-hand side of the iVISTA screen under “Custom Layers”.  If you are familiar with turning layers on and off in iVISTA for radio traffic, UEM alarms, or Location then you are good to go.  The only caveat, internet access is required.

Speaking of the list I alluded to above, there is a multitude of layer options.  In order to not overwhelm our customers with which to select our team identified, for the default software, the layers (like Radar) we felt would be the most critical and beneficial based on our experience working with customers and basic common sense (ha!).  Should you not see what you need, ask your Sales Account Executive for the comprehensive list.  If it’s there we can add it by coordinating with Support.

This is a nice segway to the installation, where no effort is required on the customer’s part; well outside of contacting Genesis Support.  We have the license for AerisWeather and will enable it during the upgrade.  If you have software that is older than 2.17, support can either do a complete upgrade or a hotfix it’s your choice.

So there you have it folks, just another instance where Genesis is looking for opportunities to improve your experience with our software.  We may not be able to control the weather or anything the elements produce, but we can certainly do our best to be better prepared.

Until next time…although it may be challenging, try to see what’s right versus what’s wrong in every situation!