The Genesis of Genesis

If you have ever read one of Simon Sinek’s books or watched one of his TED Talks, you are likely acquainted with his “Understanding Your Why” concept. Your “why” is your foundation. It’s what drives you each day, how others associate with you or are inspired by you. And it’s no different when you look at organizational leadership and growth. Because companies that know and highlight their “why” not only connect better to customers, they also foster a more positive and functional internal culture; everyone is invested in the true purpose and stands behind it!

So…being relatively new to Genesis, and to fuel my own curiosity, I reached out to Genesis’ founder, Phil Burks, to learn about the company’s origin. More importantly, I wanted to understand what motivated him to start “The Genesis Group” and subsequently, the products so many rely on to do their jobs effectively. When I stepped back from our conversation, it occurred to me, Phil’s “why” back in 1988 when Genesis’ doors first opened, is the same “why ” the current organization is committed to today!

Whether you’ve met Phil or not, it may come as a shock to know he considers himself to be “lazy by nature”. Yep, he said, in so many words, that being lazy is what drove him to constantly look for simpler ways to do most things. Coupled with a technical mindset that existed well before Genesis began (and included time with Motorola)…it’s no wonder he would lead the development of software that would help Radio System Managers with their performance analytics.

What impressed me most about his journey was his dedication to his customers. It was more than, “oh you have a problem, let me find someone to assist you”, it was “oh you have a problem, let me understand your issue, and better yet, I will write software that you can (for example) use to pull airtime off your radio system and process it.” Did I mention he taught himself how to write the software? See what I mean…impressive.
After several ups and downs and many trade show visits to help build awareness, EZBill, Phil’s first product under the Genesis umbrella, started to take off. EZBill captured information like invoices and receivables, as well as track all details about every radio. EZBill saw some initial success which allowed him to develop EZSave, a “simplified way of communicating with various trunking systems”. This led to EZTrack, and then our beloved GenWatch. In each instance, the end goal was to let the software do the heavy lifting…make things EZ-er! 😉

This is very much the cliff notes version of the fuller story. Yet when you think about it, Phil was concerned with simplifying processes through software to save time. He also made it a point to put the customer and their experience first. That should all sound very familiar to those of you reading this because it’s the essence of GenWatch. A Performance Management tool that saves a Radio System Manager time by providing information they can react to, simplifies reporting to find that “needle in a haystack”, and uses data to drive decision making. The cherry on top…this is all backed by top-notch support to maintain high customer satisfaction.

Who wouldn’t want to stand behind that!

Interested in learning more about Phil’s journey? Check out his new book, “How To Eat A Failure Sandwich” by visiting www.PhilBurks.com.

Until next time…you are the only person you have to impress!