Protect Your Critical Assets and Airwaves with Genesis SAM

Two-way radios are expensive!  They also, much like computers, contain critical software that if hacked could disrupt emergency communications and potentially endanger lives.  Therefore, as a Radio System Manager you can’t, literally and figuratively, afford to lose or misplace radios.

Frustrated computer user holding up "HELP" signBut…sometimes these situations happen.  The key is how quickly you can track down the source of the missing radio and take action.  Genesis’ Subscriber Access Module (SAM) is your tool to answer your who, what, when, where, and why questions regarding your fleet in order to consistently protect valuable airtime, control cost, and reduce the risk that an “unwanted someone” may impede an ongoing event or incident.

SAM is one of those GenWatch3® and GW3-TRBO® features that doesn’t get a lot of press yet is utilized by so many of our customers.  It’s seen as an important element of system management, because the software monitors talkgroups and radios for improbable or impossible activity, such as…

  • Impossible Drive Distances (e.g. a radio keys up on a site and then 30 seconds later shows up on another site several miles away)
  • Rapid Affiliations (the name says it all)
  • Overlapping Calls (aka Cloned Radios)

SAM module screenIf a talkgroup or radio ID, referred to as Suspects, breaks a predefined rule of expected behavior it will be displayed in the SAM’s Suspect List (see picture to the right).  Once in the Suspect List, the Suspect is able to be monitored and its associated data, for example, the Last Site, Last Activity, and the timestamp are collected and stored.  The software also provides a Confidence Level that indicates how sure GenWatch or GW3-TRBO is that this is, in fact, a suspected duplicate ID.

Suspects can then be further assigned to any of the following lists:

  • Suspect Hotlist to keep an eye on a Suspect more closely.  Within this list, a Suspect’s historic behavior can be tracked.  Pair the Hotlist with the Trigger Module, and as activity from a Suspect occurs, you can be notified in either an audible or visual manner.
  • Exemption List if a Suspect could exhibit improbable or impossible activity.  Perhaps you have air units that can move quickly from one site to another, and you don’t want to be alerted each time that occurs.

That’s about it!

SAM is a pretty straightforward feature operationally, it also has a quick and easy installation process.  For those that already have GenWatch or GW3-TRBO, adding the license can be done remotely by our Support Team so long as they have permission to do so.  Not yet a GenWatch or GW3-TRBO customer, our Sales Team has you covered.  Reach out to them to ask questions, get information, schedule a demo, brighten your day (had to sneak that in there), and/or get a quote.

You no longer need to take on the extra days if not weeks to find who may be eavesdropping on your critical conversations, SAM can do that heavy lifting for you!

Until next time…there is no success without failure!