2020 Year in Review

We’ve all had to rethink how we do business this year as it relates to how we interacted with our co-workers and stakeholders as well as how we were going to accomplish the goals we set out to achieve.  If you choose to look at the positive side of 2020, it has been an opportunity to think outside of the box, to organize, streamline, and to improve.  As a Genesis customer, we want you to feel encouraged that our team really turned our lemons into lemonade all in the spirit of providing you with better information and “know-how” to get the most out of your existing, and future, GenWatch3® or GW3-TRBO® solutions.  So, if you will indulge me, this week’s blog is going to highlight all that we have done and that you can take advantage of now as we close things out and plan for 2021.

Sort of feels like a Performance Management Review…but hey you should be reassessing our performance anyway:)

Alright, here goes, we…

Let’s elaborate a bit on how these initiatives, and more, can be utilized to help you prep for the new year!

Back in March or April we inventoried all of our product material and decided not only did much of the collateral need to be updated, but we also wanted to approach them in a more “tiered” manner.  We started with our higher demanded software, like GenWatch ATIA, and designed both a Brochure and Solution Brief for each.  The Brochure is a one-pager meant to provide a high-level description of the solution and its associated top benefits.  The Solution Brief is intended to go into more detail about the specific features and functionality.  Should you need to go a level deeper, you can work with your Sales Account Executive to coordinate a meeting with our Support Team.  They will be able to answer your more technical questions, create even a customized system diagram and implementation plan.

Because we were unable to see customers in person, our 30-Minute Thursdays and other training webinars became even more critical.  I am happy to report, many of you have really adopted both the live events, as well as the recordings.  For those that may not be familiar, we host a monthly training on the second Thursday of every month at 11 am Central Time.  We try to do a deep dive into certain areas of our software and address as many customer questions as we can in real-time.  No Genesis topic is off-limits and feedback on what to cover is always welcomed.  Please check out the latest webinar we hosted with Radio Resource regarding how GenWatch can help you work smarter, not harder.  We also have our next 30-Minute Thursday webinar scheduled for December 10th and will discuss what we have added to our GenWatch Location Services Enhancement.  You can click HERE to register.

On the budget front, we wanted to help connect customers to alternative means of funding in light of the fact some budgets were cut or reallocated.  If your organization falls into this category then you might want to check out our Grant Assistance Program.  We partner up with a leading grant expert to provide services that help you identify available grants and position your grant application in the best light possible for success.

Moving on to this blog!  I can’t say THANK YOU enough to those of you that have embraced GenInform.  I was thinking of a unique way to reach customers (especially in light of the COVID) and got inspired after sitting, myself, on a webinar.  I had never written a blog before in my life, and really wasn’t sure if anyone would read it or care what I had to say, but YOU DID!  These blogs have given me a chance to share Genesis related topics in a more casual and lighthearted way.  Almost as if you and I were sharing a cup of coffee together and just shooting the breeze.

This last topic isn’t on our “brag sheet” list but is still very important for your 2021 planning.  That topic is Hardware Audits and Software Upgrades.  Maintaining current hardware and software will ensure a high return on your investment.  The process doesn’t take long for the vast majority of you with audits lasting about 5 minutes on average and upgrades around 2-4 days (less than a day for GW3-TRBO).  There are no license keys involved, just a current support contract and a call or email to our Support Team.  And given the circumstances we are in, the work can be done remotely so long as remote network access is provided.

Can you tell we have been pretty busy?  My hope is that you use the material and webinars to educate yourself on those new enhancements you have been eyeing, and take that information and ask questions or for a demo.  Do you have extra budget to spend? 😉 And/or, why not schedule that hardware audit and software upgrade you have been meaning to do.  In all seriousness, this work truly was done for your benefit and to set you up for success now and in 2021!

Until next time…hang in there, the light at the end of the proverbial COVID tunnel is upon us!  Talk to you again in January!