911 Dispatchers - Heroes With Headsets

You either have what it takes to be a 911 Dispatcher or you don’t.  There really isn’t a middle ground, but I don’t have to tell this to the vast majority of you reading this blog…you live it.  That said, for the “non-dispatcher types” (like me) it doesn’t take rocket science to appreciate the mental and emotional strain these extraordinary people deal with every time they put on their headset and start their shift.  As a matter of fact, the public is so fascinated with the dispatcher environment and how they are able to do what they do, they created a Prime Time TV docudrama on ABC called “Emergency Call”, which shares “the moments leading up to the arrival of help”.

Emergency CallSpeaking of those “moments”, when you think about the types of decisions dispatchers have to make per call multiplied by the number of calls they handle per day it’s kind of unbelievable.  I read a statistic that the average number of calls answered on a busy day is between 300 – 500 PER DISPATCHER…WOW!  With that in mind, imagine needing to ask them to remember the specifics about each and every one of those calls days, weeks, even months later; talk about impossible.  Not to mention, would you want to relive some of those more emotionally charged moments?  It’s bad enough they aren’t able to find out if the person on the other end had a happy ending or not in some cases.

Unfortunately though gathering details about an incident is unavoidable.  Sometimes those details are needed for litigation purposes, or to find out why a route was chosen or a response time fell outside of a defined metric.  Perhaps they are required to simply share best practices to improve the efficiency of their operations.  The good news is Genesis PULSE® has a way to gather that necessary information and possibly alleviate having to involve the dispatcher at all. and help to preserve their overall morale.

Let me introduce you to PULSE Replay!

PULSE Replay is a standard feature within the software and is used to “replay” all system-wide activity that has been displayed and archived on the PULSE Live Tracking Map, such as traffic (including what is pulled from Waze, weather, or road closures.  The data is archived per the customer’s data retention policy or for up to 4 years and is “replayable” (in up to 30-minute increments) as needed.  Weather is archived for a rolling 30 days, which is 10 times longer than what’s stored with the National Weather Service.

Genesis PULSE ReplayUsers can choose to run a replay within a specific start and stop time frame, or they can search by a run number.  That same replay can then be paused, sped up, or slowed down.  It’s as simple as that.  And, the customers that are using the feature are almost instantaneously seeing its value.

In 2018, Lawrence, MA experienced multiple explosions that affected several buildings in the area.  To assist with the subsequently large number of incoming 911 calls, one of the neighboring dispatch centers were engaged to provide back up.  When conducting a post-mortem of the day, the dispatch center used PULSE Replay to look at their operations before, during, and after the event to highlight if their ability to service the rest of the community during the incident was negatively impacted.  They found, in fact, they were able to keep up with their traditional call volume as well as the overflow.  This was all they needed to demonstrate to their key stakeholders that they could handle these high demand situations which better positioned them if ever there were opportunities to be called on again to assist.

The best part (in my movie trailer voice)…no personnel were bothered in the making of this conclusion!

Dispatcher turnover is a real concern.  While PULSE Replay won’t give them the pat on the back they deserve, it can take at least one thing off their already full plate and every little bit counts.

Interested?  I hope so, and I also hope you reach out to the PULSE team (pulse@nullgenesisworld.com) to schedule a demo, and/or watch the training webinar we conducted on Replay.  You can find the recording HERE, or by visiting genesispulse.com/webinarlibray.

Until next time…accept the things you cannot change, courage to change what you can, and the wisdom to know the difference.