How Genesis Makes Sharing Data Look (and Feel) Good!

When appropriate, I try to think of a witty analogy to use that really drives home the benefits of whatever it is I am writing about.  Something I feel will resonate best with our customers or that they can draw on to reflect why they should care.

indecipherable equationThe truth of the matter is sometimes things (features) speak for themselves.  And I believe, after pondering it for quite a while I might add, that’s the case for this month’s topic.  So…rather than overly complicate functionality that is relatively straightforward, I am just going to jump right in and talk about three enhancements that have helped many of our customers, yet are still seemingly underutilized…Genesis’ CADI Enhancement, GenSPOut, and ATIA Forwarder.

Before I get into the specifics, a common thread across the CADI Enhancement, GenSPOut, and ATIA Forwarder is the ability to share important ASTRO25® radio system information.  The true value, however, is that information can be sent to not just one, but multiple destinations at the same time.  In other words, a System Owner, who may have several agencies that operate on their network, and use, for example, a CAD application or Logging Recorder, would be able to receive specific radio data by leveraging any of these GenWatch3® (and in some cases GW3-TRBO®) features.  Plus, the icing on this already yummy cake…it can be done without needing to standardize the equipment because we don’t care which vendor of CAD or logging recorder is in place.

complex network connectionsTherefore, not only could the System Owner save money, but they also…

  • Eliminate the need to agree on one vendor that meets all user requirements
  • Save time from having to retrain users on a new application
  • Maintain productivity, and worker satisfaction, because users are already proficient at what they do; there wouldn’t be a steep learning curve

Now that you have an appreciation for “why” these enhancements are so beneficial, let’s dive a little deeper into their details…starting with the ATIA Forwarder.

The Motorola Air Traffic Router (ATR) is limited to sending radio activity to a single specific IP address or broadcasting all ATIA activity to a subnet.  Neither of those choices is ideal when there is more than one application needing ATIA information.  To overcome this, the ATIA Forwarder, which is another piece of Genesis software, can take the ATIA Stream and direct it to 3rd party applications such as a CAD, Logging Recorder, or Fire Station Alerting System.

Moving on to the CADI Enhancement.  Similar to the ATR, there is only one place CAD traffic can go in the ASTRO Core.  The CADI Enhancement allows multiple CAD vendors/clients or other 3rd Party Applications access to the radio system via software that is licensed inside of GenWatch.  The information flow is bidirectional, where Radio Commands, such as Call Alerts, Status Messages, Radio Checks or Radio Inhibits, can be sent to subscribers.  PTT IDs and Emergencies can also be received by the subscribers on the system.  What’s more, because the CADI Enhancement sits between the radio system and the CADI Clients, we can offer “future-proofing”.  This means our solution can decouple the CAD version from the latest software version of ASTRO, and creates, what I am coining, “CAD upgrade independence”.   

Last but not least…GenSPOutGenSPOut can be added to either GenWatch3 or GW3-TRBO, allowing Genesis to create a custom data feed for Logging Recorders, CAD applications, even GPS solutions.  Unlike the CADI Enhancement, GenSPOut has a one-way traffic flow with information being sent to a client application via UDP, Serial Port, TCP/IP, etc.  Some examples of shared data include Emergency Alarms, Radio IDs/Aliases, Talkgroup IDs/Aliases, Channel Assignments, and Custom Text Messages (with special characters and spaces too!)

The CADI Enhancement, ATIA Forwarder, and GenSPOut represent options to maximize an investment previously made in either GenWatch or GW3-TRBO.  So if you’ve wondered or considered how others could better leverage any or all of the critical data Genesis collects from the radio system, I would suggest reaching out to your Sales Representative who can coordinate a call with our Support Team. We can talk through, as a team, the types of data you’d like to share and with whom before deciding which feature makes the most sense.

Remember sharing is caring, and if it can save you a dime or two as well in the end…that’s a win-win to me!

Until next time…if the challenges we face don’t scare us, they are probably not that important (Simon Sinek).