Genesis Sponsors FREE Grant Assistance For Customers

I was scrolling through Instagram today (eh…during lunch) and one of the celebrities I follow posted this quote which I thought summed up the way most of us are feeling right about now.

“2020 is a unique Leap Year.  It has 29 days in February, 300 days in March, and 5 years in April.”

So true…I think my four walls are sick of me at this point.

COVID-19 outreachYet, one silver lining I’ve witnessed during this crazy time is how many individuals and organizations are rolling up their sleeves, in very creative ways I might add, to figure out how they can help make a positive impact.  I know at Genesis these types of conversations are happening daily…heck this new blog is just one example.  It gives us an opportunity to reach out to each of our customers, many of whom are working from home, and provide them with news and information that will by far transcend this pandemic.

Another way Genesis is stepping up to help is in the area of grant assistance.

I’m pretty certain you have seen or heard the Federal Government approved stimulus and disaster assistance funding for State, Territorial, Tribal, and Local Government Agencies in light of COVID-19.  These funds are meant to help agencies manage, control, and reduce the immediate threats to public health and safety caused by the virus.  Because Genesis offers software solutions that provide information to ASTRO® 25 System Owners to ensure optimal network performance, products like GenWatch3® or Genesis PULSE®, for example, could qualify.

Such great news!

I love free stuffJust to keep it real though, when I tried to do a little research to understand how a customer would identify the right grant to submit an application and what that process looked like…within 10 minutes my head was spinning.  It’s for this reason that Genesis has partnered up with Lexipol, a leading provider of public safety policy and training solutions for law enforcement, fire and rescue, and corrections, to sponsor FREE Grant Consultative Services for all Genesis customers and prospects.  In addition, customers will receive access to Lexipol’s proprietary GrantFinder Portal, as well as 50% off Grant Writing Services.  Trust me, the GrantFinder portal alone is worth it given my recent research debacle.

Before I get into the program details, a little more about Lexipol.  They started their Grant Program in 2009, and since then have obtained over $275M for their clients (a 40% success rate and 60% higher than the national average of 17%).  This is likely due to the fact that each of their Grant Writers and Consultants are active public safety and local government personnel.  Always feels good to work with people that know what they are doing.  Sounds just like another Support Team we all know and love…wink wink.

Starting Friday, May 1, 2020, customers can visit any of the following websites to fill out an Assistance Request Form and get things started.

As requests are received, they will be assigned a Customer Success Associate (CSA) who will review the submission and begin walking the customer through the entire grant process and program.  The CSAs will also grant access to the GrantFinder Portal.  Once the desired grant, or grants, has been determined, the CSA will assist with the grant application and answer any related questions prior to, during, or even after the proposal has been submitted for review.  Think of these associates as the Robin to your Batman, the Ernie to your Bert, the Scottie Pippen to your Michael Jordan…I think you get the gist.

Oh, and did I mention these services are being provided to you FREE of charge?  🙂

As always, Genesis has your back!  If there is anything we can do to make your lives even 1% brighter, please don’t hesitate to reach out:

Until next time…don’t forget to wash your hands!