APCO 2021 - booth #607

Finding $20 on the sidewalk, getting ready to take off for the trip of your dreams, or accomplishing something you never thought possible.  Each of these situations invokes excitement (well if you are me they do).  And now, I can add seeing our customers IN PERSON at APCO 2021!

APCO 2021 - San Antonio

Speaking on behalf of our entire team, we are very much looking forward to catching up with both our existing and, hopefully, new Genesis users.  Sure, we can’t wait to share what we have recently added to the software or will soon be launching, but also for the opportunity to listen to and capture all the helpful feedback we’ve grown accustomed to receiving.  That feedback, by the way, does get evaluated and oftentimes is added to our roadmap.

So if you are attending the show this year, this month’s blog is meant to give you the 411 regarding what Genesis has planned from our first ever User Forum to new functionality never talked about until now.

Before you get too excited about getting the inside scoop, know I’ll only be communicating the high-level details  Mostly because we a) want you to stop by our booth (#607), and b) gotta leave some suspense :).

Genesis User ForumLet’s start with our inaugural Genesis User Forum (UF).  This is something we’ve wanted to do for some time now and are finally making it happen.  We’ve created a venue for customers to interact directly with Genesis Sales and Support to learn as well as express their likes and dislikes, or rather their compliments and constructive criticisms.   If not more, important, they can connect with other “like-minded” Genesisians (new term alert) to discuss how they use their GenWatch software and why it’s been critical to maintaining their system performance.  To say our team is grateful for this dedicated time with our UF attendees would be an understatement.  I know everyone involved is going to leave with some great information.

Following the User Forum, Genesis will be on the APCO show floor (August 16th & 17th) exhibiting GenWatch3®, the Genesis Operations Bridge, and Genesis’ GADI (Genesis-Aided Dispatch Interface).  More specifically, the Genesis staff will be demoing quite a bit of new development within iVISTA, including functionality centered around the FDMA/TDMA Access Type, Quick Searches and Filtering options, and of course Reporting.

Interested in a one-on-one demonstration?  Feel free to reach out to your Sales Account Executive to schedule a time that works best for you or just stop by…we are flexible.  We are, however, taking reservations ahead of time for the Genesis Operations Bridge; those can be made HERE.

Not attending the APCO?  We’ve got you folks covered as well.  On September 8th, we will be hosting a 30-Minute Thursday on the show’s highlights.  Invite to follow.

Just 21 days until the main event!  Let the countdown begin!

Until next time…choose courage over comfort! (Brene Brown)