Genesis’ Cyber Security First Mindset To Software Development

What do companies like Equifax, Marriott, and Solarwinds have in common?  They all have, unfortunately, fallen victim to significant breaches to their network security.  In each incident, hackers were able to obtain personal customer information or steal valuable business intellectual property.  Millions of people were affected by these breaches…can you imagine the major domino effect that ensued as a result?

Maybe we should try a different security approach this year.I recently read that although the total number of “reported” security breaches decreased in 2020 from the prior year, the total volume of records impacted increased by 141%.  141%!  Now that’s a concerning statistic.  It’s a great reminder to be mindful of the information shared virtually; especially for those like me who often take the power of the internet for granted.  Might be time to change my Amazon password!

With Cyber Security increasingly becoming a mainstream topic, I felt it was the perfect time to discuss how Genesis’ Software Developers are working “behind the scenes” to ensure our solutions receive your IT Department’s stamp of approval.

Genesis is known for a lot of things, comprehensive reporting, “best-in-class” support, but little is talked about the security measures that are applied to every platform, feature, bug fix, etc, we release…until now!

You see Genesis approaches its software development with a “Cyber Security First” mentality.  In other words, we test our source code at every build for potential vulnerabilities in our software.  We do not simply write an application and then determine if it’s compliant.  Third-party components, for example, the AG grid used for our new and upcoming reporting tool, are also scanned regularly for vulnerabilities and to ensure compatibility.  Plus, our software conforms and is routinely certified to CJIS, HIPAA, and STIG hardening standards so that it works in even the most strenuous of environments…think US Military or Federal Government.

IT Security illustration graphicTaking it one step further, we conduct network scanning and penetration testing.  Using multiple scanning and testing tools provides the necessary overlap needed to catch every unwanted intrusion.  If one tool missed something, there’s a high likelihood another will not.

And even further than that, testing is done with each release of the Motorola Hardening Kit and MOTOPATCH prior to Motorola’s own launch, therefore our software will function at any level of hardening or patching on the customer end.

While we may not be the only vendor to ever do this, our approach does make us unique when compared to most.  It also makes us popular with IT folks, because we provide them the peace of mind our software is not going to negatively impact their network.

Remember, we’re part of your Radio System Operation to provide information, not take it away!

Until next time…what are you grateful for today?