Genesis Customers Receive “Peace-of-Mind” With Their Lifecycle Agreement

You are all set to upgrade your Genesis software only to find out your hardware needs to be replaced.  In addition to the immediate state of disappointment you feel, your anxiety starts to grow as the “to do” list in your mind builds…do I have the budget?  Will IT need to get involved?  What am I going to have for dinner tonight? Hey, that’s an important question too.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could avoid this emotional roller coaster altogether?  Imagine having the peace of mind that your entire Genesis investment was protected; that it was being monitored and maintained on your behalf.  Sounds pretty nice, huh?  How is this possible you ask?…well, with a Genesis Lifecycle Agreement of course!

Genesis Lifecycle Support Agreements provide customers with end-to-end coverage of all Genesis hardware, software, and third-party operating software in the event of failure, obsolescence, and yes…upgrades.  We polled a number of our Lifecycle Customers and found these agreements benefited them in 3 main ways:

  • Convenience
  • Financial Predictability
  • Ease and Flexibility


For some customers, when network issues arose or new hardware was needed they would be required to engage their IT Departments.  This led to a peppering of questions to justify the request or a lengthy process that delayed the resolution  With a Genesis Lifecycle Agreement in place, all customers have to do is use the product because Genesis is always looking out for them on their system’s health.  Bi-Monthly Remote Checks, on both hardware and software, are conducted as a proactive measure to ensure proper operation at all times.  If there is even a hint that something is about to fail, for example, our team is taking action before it becomes a problem.

Financial Predictability

A wise person once said, “budgets are the necessary evil to financial prowess.”  Ok ok, that person was me, but it’s true.  Budgets are in place for a reason, which is why asking for money for an unplanned expense is not ideal..or fun.  Genesis Lifecycle Agreements can lock in an annual figure for as long as the agreement is in place; therefore, you can better plan for the year, or years, ahead.  Say goodbye to the “gotcha dollars”.


Ease and Flexibility

 When asked why they felt the Genesis Lifecycle Agreement was valuable to their organization, one customer said:

“Because it’s tied to our (Motorola Solutions) Maintenance Agreement and (System Upgrade Agreement).  If a problem develops I do not have to find it in most cases, because it is taken care of through our Maintenance Process.  Upgrades are easier to obtain and implement.”

That’s right, whether you have an existing Motorola SUA or plans to enter into a new one, your Genesis products can be included.  And, if you are concerned you won’t be able to maintain that close and personal relationship you have built with your favorite Genesis Support Team member, no worries, you can still contact them directly.  You have the flexibility to work with whomever you want or need to.

So…have you decided yet what you are going to eat for dinner? (Ah good you ARE still there).

All jokes aside, I hope your interest has been piqued enough to want to learn more.  Please reach out to us for the details on our Lifecycle Agreements and witness some of your stress wash away.

Oh, and one last plug, we will be hosting a webinar on Thursday, April 30, 2020, to discuss the new features in our latest GenWatch3 release  You can click HERE to register.

Until next time…stay safe and healthy!