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Is it safe to assume many of us wouldn’t have guessed we’d still be dealing with the repercussions of COVID nine months later?  I believe this is the third or fourth time I have written something around it in this blog.  And to think of the impact this virus has had on pretty much everything including businesses both small and large and across every industry…it’s unreal.  I live in Chicago and we have had several long-standing bars and restaurants go under as a result.  Places like Lawry’s The Prime Rib which opened 46 years ago and is expected to permanently close at the end of 2020.  Or, Southport Lanes whose building was built in 1900, turned into a bowling alley in 1918 and added a speakeasy in 1922.  The list goes on.  These were staples in my city that are, or soon will be, no longer.

COVID closingsWhile many working in Government or Public Safety will likely not have to worry about a shutdown, I have heard from several of those that are Genesis customers that their previously planned 2020 projects have either been put on hold or worse, are off the table altogether as funding has either been suspended or reallocated.  It’s, for this reason, I thought I would revisit the Genesis Grant Assistance Program (GAP) we introduced on May 1st of this year.  My hope is by doing so customers who are interested in any of our Genesis products may have a shot at resurrecting the opportunity to take advantage of what our software offers to Radio System Managers or Dispatch Operators, for example, because they were able to secure the funding they needed.

Because it’s been a while, let me remind you of the program details.  You may recall we partnered with Lexipol, who has experience in providing Grant Consultative Services to Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS customers, to offer free Grant Assistance (e.g. identifying the best grant, application proofreading) as well as 50% off Grant Writing help.  The process to obtain assistance is pretty straightforward and can be broken out into 5 Phases:

Phase 1:  Head to and complete the request form

Genesis Grant Assistance ProgramPhase 2:  Provide information about your specific project, get assigned to a Customer Success Associate (CSA), and gain access to Lexipol’s GrantFinder Portal

Phase 3:  Schedule a Consult Call with your assigned CSA to review the logistics, and determine the grant(s) with the highest opportunity for success

Phase 4:  Complete your Grant Application with your CSA by your side every step of the way

Phase 5:  Submit your Grant Application

It’s always been my experience with any product or program launch one really needs about 6 months to get the word out.  So I am encouraged to see, since we introduced GAP, over 30 customers have participated.  Of which, almost 20% of them have moved to the second phase.  Whether you are one of those 30 customers or just considering, I want to share a few reasons why I feel this offer is so important.

The money is out there.  The federal government has increased or created funding to assist agencies with their COVID (e.g. the CARES Act) or emergency response.  Genesis has several products that could qualify for either of these, from the Genesis PULSE® “Potential COVID Response” feature, to our Genesis Aided Dispatch Interface (GADI®) which extends the functionality of Motorola MCC 7×00/e dispatch users making their ability to provide emergency response more efficient; GenWatch® ATIA is another option as it helps to maintain high grades of service on systems used by Public Safety.

The time to act is now.  It is unclear how long some of this funding will be available.  There is no guarantee the CARES Act, for example, will extend beyond December 31, 2020.  Plus, the average grant is only open for about 4-6 weeks.

You have help.  Searching for the right grant and then writing the application takes time there is no doubt about it.  But you are not in this alone.  As a matter of fact, this is where GAP can really be of value.  Lean on the CSA’s.  One of the most important things you can do to be successful in this process is to schedule that Consult Call with your CSA.  This is where you are going to share your individual challenges and opportunities and really get more personal attention and a customized experience until you see the outcome you want.

Let this be a chance to overcome the project roadblocks you have faced this year so your organization can start reaping the benefits offered by Genesis products.  And, please check out the helpful resources below.  Nothing would make us happier than to add our growing list of customers who will soon secure the alternative means of funding they put the effort in to get.

Grant Assistance Program Home Page:

Grant Assistance Program Webinar:

Genesis Sales Representatives:

Until next time (which, btw, will be Monday, December 7th due to the Thanksgiving Holiday)…remember, gratitude is an attitude!