GADI enhancement for Motorola MCC 7500 consoles

It’s no secret that technology moves quickly.  To the dismay of some, it often moves much quicker than they are comfortable with as it presents new learning curves and/or processes.  Unfortunately for those resistant to change, this trend is likely not to go away any time soon.  But…there is a bright side.  In some circumstances, opportunities open up that can help bridge the old to the new making the technological journey easier to bear.  One such example manifested when Motorola introduced their MCC7x00 Series Dispatch Consoles.

new vs oldDispatchers are known to be quite particular in how they manage their daily tasks, which is completely understandable given how much multitasking they are required to do.  So when their legacy dispatch consoles were replaced with the MCC 7×00 consoles, they recognized how much they missed some of the workflows they became accustomed to, such as being able to use a keyboard to execute their tasks vs. a mouse.  And with that, in March 2010, Genesis’ GADI was born.

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