Month: October 2020

We Are Taking Reporting Up a Notch!

Next-Level Reporting!

If you read my last blog post you now know one of the main reasons our customers love GenWatch3® is the reporting capabilities; the range of analysis options, the level of granularity, the historical trending.  This realization is very exciting to us, and timely, because (insert drum roll sound here) we are about to take our reporting up a notch.  It’s going to be even easier and quicker to identify what’s going on in your radio system.

I gave a sneak peek of what’s to come on the October 30-Minute Thursday webinar, but if you were not able to attend the live session don’t fret, you can always download the recording and watch it when you have a moment.  And. you are in luck because it just so happens you are going to get the cliff notes version of that webinar right now. 

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We Asked “Why Genesis?” And You Answered!

Why Genesis?

Has your “webinar watching” increased this year?  Mine sure has.  Fortunately, some of the sessions I’ve participated in have actually been pretty beneficial.  In part, they have made me rethink how I can be more effective in my current role and a better all-around partner/advocate.  

One such webinar was pretty direct stating, “most Sales Representatives don’t truly know why their customers actually bought their product,” and then continued to say, “Salespeople don’t talk to customers, they talk to prospects.”  Hard words to hear, yet it forced me to act.  I took this new insight to the rest of my team and decided to take the presenter’s advice.  We interviewed 40 of our top customers; the very organizations that have invested in Genesis and are actively using our software; GenWatch3® and GW3-TRBO®.

The webinar suggested we ask a series of questions in order to really tap into how Genesis is perceived in the market:

  1. How would the customer describe either GenWatch or GW3-TRBO?  What would they tell others the product did?
  2. Why did they actually purchase GenWatch or GW3-TRBO? 
  3. What problems did they hope to solve?
  4. What’s gotten better since they made their purchase?

Rather than do an online survey, we took to the phones to get their direct and candid feedback.  Here is what they had to say…

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