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GenInform Turns 2! We Are Celebrating With Our “Greatest Hits”

GenInform is celebrating 2 years!

Celebrating 2 Years of GenInform!

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Who or What Supports You When Mother Nature Strikes?

Mother Nature Strikes

If 2020 wasn’t life-changing enough…now those living in the Gulf Coast are forced to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Laura.  My heart truly goes out to anyone needing to rebuild their homes, their businesses, their lives.

Dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane LauraAside from the occasional thunderstorm, severe weather really isn’t part of my reality.  But, that doesn’t mean I don’t struggle with knowing how to directly contribute toward helping those affected get back on their feet.

So…until I figure out the best way to be of service, for now, I’m grateful I get the chance to deliver products designed to make a difference; especially in these circumstances.  Makes me feel, in a small way, that I am doing something.

“How”, you ask?  Well…the Genesis software, such as GenWatch3® ATIA, provides System Administrators with the information they need to keep their Motorola ASTRO® 25 radio systems performing as expected.  This in turn preserves the “communication confidence” First Responders require when responding to critical situations like natural disasters.  Similarly, with the number of responsibilities System Administrators are dealing with day in and day out (and expanded lately due to COVID) they too need something they can rely on.  A tool that will act as their own “personal assistant” if you will and help them get to the bottom of alarms or events that threaten their network performance.  That something is the Genesis Operations Bridge!

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