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Your Voice Matters!  Even Where Future Software Development Is Concerned

Customer Voice

Being part of an organization that develops software is…how can I say it…refreshing.  It’s also both fulfilling and fun.   Let me preface with the fact that this statement, and the thoughts and feelings in this blog, are coming from someone who is in Sales and not Software Development.   I am not suggesting a Software Developer wouldn’t agree with me, I just don’t want it to seem I am speaking on their behalf 🙂   All that aside, I find software to be…

data factoryRefreshing, because it’s dynamic and agile.  For someone that doesn’t like to be boxed in, I find it minimizes any pressure (or stress) that results when a change or fix is required; regardless of the reason.  Dealing with software is more versatile and less expensive to turn around than what I have been exposed to when selling hardware.

Fulfilling, because you can respond to specific customer requests quicker which helps to build stronger customer relationships.

Fun, because who doesn’t like to unveil new functionality that helps customers do their jobs better or creates increased satisfaction.  Plus, is it just me, or can software do just about anything these days?

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The Perfect Pairing for One-Stop, Simple Radio Provisioning

Genesis-MCM integration

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.”

 – Henry Ford

I thought that was a proper quote to kick-off this week’s blog, as well as describe the partnership Genesis has formed with MCM Technology (Mcmtech™).  For those that may not be familiar with Mcmtech, they are a provider of asset and work order management solutions for state, local, and government industries, and have been for the past 20 years.  Yep, you guessed it, 2020 is their 20th Anniversary…Happy Anniversary Mcmtech!

celebrateGenesis began working with Mcmtech back in 2010 (the dates…purely coincidental) on an integrated solution to provide a way to make simple, and quick, radio provisioning changes on an ASTRO® 25 radio system.  It started with one customer in Texas, and the demand grew from there as did the relationship between the two organizations.  We have done a few webinars on our integration over the past year or so, but I felt why not review it again.  Plus it’s a chance to possibly reach more of our customers.  🙂

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GenWatch3 UEM Enhancement…Your Virtual Problem Solver!

GenWatch3 UEM Enhancement...Your Virtual Problem Solver!

Unless you enjoy problem-solving as much I do, and I mean someone who does puzzles, likes numbers or finding answers to life’s questions, being forced to dig through and make sense of data is probably not the way in which you care to spend your day, let alone your workday.  Unfortunately for those “get to the brass tacks” individuals, collecting and analyzing data is part of the job when you are overseeing a radio system.  It may mean the difference between an efficiently run network, and one that well…just works.

Calm in the ChaosRegardless of what bucket you fall into, any Radio System Manager that has seen and/or has an appreciation for the volume of alarms that are generated through the Motorola Unified Event Manager (UEM) as a major event occurs, can attest the experience is a tad overwhelming.  There is uncertainty, at times, where and on what device the fault occurred not to mention which of those faults matter and should be addressed first.

While Genesis cannot control when alarms get generated through the Motorola UEM, our GenWatch3® UEM Enhancement can make filtering, deciphering, and ultimately reacting to them a bit more palatable.

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Genesis Gives Back Embodies Genesis’ Purpose And Gratitude

Genesis Gives Back

I’m sure many of you reading this can agree life has felt a bit…surreal for lack of a better word.  We’ve been witness to everything from pandemics, to protests and now the entrance into hurricane season.  While each of those situations presents their own set of challenges, I truly believe good can come from all of it.

Now, I have already written about examples where Genesis has turned “lemons into lemonade”, but I decided it was timely to share another way, Genesis, through its entire employee population, has made a positive imprint on the world.  Something each employee has put their time and passion toward, not just in 2020, but since the company opened its doors in 1988.

Today’s blog is all about celebrating the “philanthropic wonderfulness” of Genesis Gives Back.

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Upgrading Your GW3-TRBO Software For Capacity Max is Easier Than You Think!

Upgrading Your GW3-TRBO Software For Capacity Max is Easier Than You Think!

You Rock - You RuleHaving worked with Motorola Channel Partners in a past life on all things MOTOTRBO®, I know how challenging it can be to migrate, let alone upsell, a customer from their existing MOTOTRBO radio system to a new one especially if that new system is Capacity Max.  So if you are one of those individuals…bravo! (said in the best Italian accent I can muster).  To honor your rockstar status…this week’s blog is being written specifically for YOU!

With the large task of a system upsell scratched off your list, you are now primed and ready to take on your next assignment…upgrading that same customer’s GW3-TRBO® software.  No need to fret!  That process isn’t complicated at all, contrary to popular belief.  After reading this blog (and I hope you do read it), you are going to understand where to start, what’s required, and how to get the upgrade completed without a hitch.

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