The Genesis of Genesis!

GenInform: The Genesis of Genesis

If you have ever read one of Simon Sinek’s books or watched one of his TED Talks, you are likely acquainted with his “Understanding Your Why” concept.  Your “why” is your foundation.  It’s what drives you each day, how others associate with you or are inspired by you.  And it’s no different when you look at organizational leadership and growth.  Because companies that know and highlight their “why” not only connect better to customers, they also foster a more positive and functional internal culture; everyone is invested in the true purpose and stands behind it!

So…being relatively new to Genesis, and to fuel my own curiosity, I reached out to Genesis’ founder, Phil Burks, to learn about the company’s origin.  More importantly, I wanted to understand what motivated him to start “The Genesis Group” and subsequently, the products so many rely on to do their jobs effectively.  When I stepped back from our conversation, it occurred to me, Phil’s “why” back in 1988 when Genesis’ doors first opened, is the same “why ” the current organization is committed to today!

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Genesis is Headed to APCO – What You Need to Know!

APCO 2021 - booth #607

Finding $20 on the sidewalk, getting ready to take off for the trip of your dreams, or accomplishing something you never thought possible.  Each of these situations invokes excitement (well if you are me they do).  And now, I can add seeing our customers IN PERSON at APCO 2021!

APCO 2021 - San Antonio

Speaking on behalf of our entire team, we are very much looking forward to catching up with both our existing and, hopefully, new Genesis users.  Sure, we can’t wait to share what we have recently added to the software or will soon be launching, but also for the opportunity to listen to and capture all the helpful feedback we’ve grown accustomed to receiving.  That feedback, by the way, does get evaluated and oftentimes is added to our roadmap.

So if you are attending the show this year, this month’s blog is meant to give you the 411 regarding what Genesis has planned from our first ever User Forum to new functionality never talked about until now.

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There is Nothing “Cookie Cutter” About Genesis’ GADI

GADI enhancement for Motorola MCC 7500 consoles

It’s no secret that technology moves quickly.  To the dismay of some, it often moves much quicker than they are comfortable with as it presents new learning curves and/or processes.  Unfortunately for those resistant to change, this trend is likely not to go away any time soon.  But…there is a bright side.  In some circumstances, opportunities open up that can help bridge the old to the new making the technological journey easier to bear.  One such example manifested when Motorola introduced their MCC7x00 Series Dispatch Consoles.

new vs oldDispatchers are known to be quite particular in how they manage their daily tasks, which is completely understandable given how much multitasking they are required to do.  So when their legacy dispatch consoles were replaced with the MCC 7×00 consoles, they recognized how much they missed some of the workflows they became accustomed to, such as being able to use a keyboard to execute their tasks vs. a mouse.  And with that, in March 2010, Genesis’ GADI was born.

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One Small Way GenWatch3® Can Help You Control Your System Capacity

One Small Way GenWatch3® Can Help You Control Your System Capacity

If you have been reading this blog month after month you have probably noticed I cover a range of GenWatch3® topics and don’t focus solely on our most popular enhancements like Location Services.  As a matter of fact, one major reason I created GenInform was to showcase the “less flashy” elements of the software that tend to get overlooked.  The blog has become a platform to build awareness, not only of new functionality but also to inform (ha get it!) Radio System Managers what they already have access to, but weren’t aware it existed or knew they needed it to manage their radio system.  

GenWatch has been around for some time, so it’s not unfathomable adopting everything it has to offer could be challenging.  But, I guess in some way that’s the beauty of the software…you never stop learning how the tool can be of service to you and your team.  Plus we like to keep you on your toes with little hidden gems…kidding, we are more transparent than that!

Speaking of transparency, it’s no secret we have put much of our recent R&D into iVISTA, the browser-delivered part of GenWatch.  However, there are times when it makes sense to add functionality to the Desktop Application.  And…based on some of the conversations I have had with customers, I hope that news puts them at ease.  The modules they have grown to love and rely on are not going anywhere anytime soon.  With that let me introduce you to one of those “little Desktop Application gems”…the “TDMA/FDMA Access Type”!

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How Genesis Makes Sharing Data Look (and Feel) Good!

How Genesis Makes Sharing Data Look (and Feel) Good!

When appropriate, I try to think of a witty analogy to use that really drives home the benefits of whatever it is I am writing about.  Something I feel will resonate best with our customers or that they can draw on to reflect why they should care.

indecipherable equationThe truth of the matter is sometimes things (features) speak for themselves.  And I believe, after pondering it for quite a while I might add, that’s the case for this month’s topic.  So…rather than overly complicate functionality that is relatively straightforward, I am just going to jump right in and talk about three enhancements that have helped many of our customers, yet are still seemingly underutilized…Genesis’ CADI Enhancement, GenSPOut, and ATIA Forwarder.

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